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marble countertop njMarble countertops are heavily in demand because of their luxurious natural beauty. Custom marble countertops come in a variety of colors to choose from, including variations of white, gray, black, yellow, rose and many others. Marble countertops are ideal for kitchens, as they stand up to heat quite well, and they offer timeless style in bathrooms, too. We carry the latest styles from all over the world, including Carrara marble, Calcutta marble and many others.

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If you are looking for marble in N.J. to add to your bathroom or kitchen decor, then come browse our selection of custom marble countertops. Our bathroom and kitchen marble countertops come in a variety of edge profile options. We can customize the edge profile of our custom marble countertops to meet your personal design needs, whether you want a beveled edge, reverse ogee, a full bullnose or any one of many more styles. For more information on our selection of marble countertops in NJ, call us today or visit our indoor showroom, call us today at 732-987-6944.