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Thank you for exceptional service!
September 2017
To: Senior Management and/or Owner,

The purpose of this letter is to compliment the excellent customer service we were fortunate to receive from some of your employees, notably Christian, and also Heather. They went beyond the standard call of duty to make our experience with Oceana a very, very positive one. They are naturally gifted at providing an exceptional experience for the Oceana customer.

In addition, Lizette in her new role was always there with a smile and took the time and extended herself whenever we entered the showroom.

In my opinion, you are fortunate to have them as employees, and as customers we are extra fortunate to have them service us.
C & E S


This is a very long overdue thank you for the granite countertops installed at my mother’s house in Lavallette back in June. The remodeling project was delayed and the countertops were kept covered for the longest time but they are now uncovered. The selections George helped me pick out are just spectacular – the Fantasy Brown countertops in the kitchen are just perfect! We couldn’t be more pleased. Everyone involved did a terrific job.

Best wishes for a happy holiday and a happy new year.


Hi Catherine and team,

Just wanted to pass along a quick note to you and the crew at Oceana Designs for a great experience on choosing our new countertops. From start to finish, you guys were top notch. Friendly, professional and caring with no pressure. We could not have asked for a better result. The countertops are simply amazing and beautiful.

The installers were right on time and are true master craftsmen. They took their time and it shows in their work.

I would easily recommend Oceana to anyone looking to invest in your products.

To you and yours, have a great holiday. I know we will !!

With warmest regards,

M and F L.


You guys ROCKED the counter top …. It looks fantastic! Even Sarah and one of the project managers went up to the house to check it out. Besides the piece itself they loved the detail at the end of the peninsula, as do we….Thanks to Lester for that suggestion !

I have to say that interacting with absolutely everyone at Oceana has been one of the pleasures of this rebuild. Without hesitation you will be our first recommendation and suggestion to anyone looking for granite, quartz or any stone need …..

You’ll have to see it in person as these are phone pictures and as you know they do the work no justice.

Since I only have your email please share my families thoughts with everyone else who helped make this happen.

Best regards

Scott Patton

George and team,

This is long overdue, so I apologize, but we wanted to say a very big thank you for your expertise and wonderful service as we finalized our granite for our new home. We finally moved in a few weeks ago and are really enjoying all of the pieces. We appreciate your efforts in making sure we were satisfied with the bathroom pieces, in particular. The master bath piece is gorgeous!! You were most enjoyable to work with! Thank you for being flexible and approachable! We will definitely recommend you!

Thanks, Tracy and Jason Nitche