quartziteQuartzite countertops offer a natural look and more durability, making this natural stone a very promising marble alternative. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. This extremely tough rock takes its form through a process of high heating and pressurization. Quartzite countertops are ideal for those with functioning kitchens and bathrooms with constant daily use. When choosing your next countertop, consider quartzite as a marble alternative.

Custom Quartzite Slabs

If you are looking for quartzite slabs in New Jersey to add to your bathroom vanities or kitchen counters, then come browse our selection of beautiful quartzite countertops. Our bathroom and quartzite slabs come in a variety of colors, including Super White quartzite, White Vermont quartzite and more. Also, we can customize the edge profile of our custom quartzite countertops to meet your personal design needs, whether you prefer a beveled edge, reverse ogee, a full bullnose or any of many more style options. For more information on our selection of quartzite countertops, call us today at 732-987-6944.