The Ultimate Custom Fabricator Experience

Oceana Designs is a team of marble and granite fabricators with over two decades worth of experience.

During our marble and granite countertop fabrication process, we select only the highest quality materials that are sure to create an absolutely stunning finished product. Our custom fabricator consultants hand select each stone slab based on its superiority, uniqueness and trendy design. Rest assured, there is no room for mediocrity in our countertop fabrication selection.


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Our Process


Allow our team of experts to assist you throughout your granite countertop fabrication experience. Upon arrival to our showroom, you will soon learn that our marble and granite fabricators are here to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and guide you through each step of the process. From choosing stone material, to color and design, our custom fabricator consultants have you best interests in mind.

Edge Options
Templating, Fabrication & Installation

Our template technicians use state-of-the art lasers to create a digital pattern of what your future counter will look like. Their precise measurements and pinpoint accuracy ensure a perfect fit the first time around, no matter how complex the design.

Using cutting-edge equipment and processes, our craftsman blend creativity with technology—including CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)—to turn your template into an extraordinary work of art.

Now for the best part! Once our installation team arrives, they work fastidiously and diligently to bring your project to life. And when they’re finished, they leave nothing behind except your sublime new space—no muss, no dust, no tools.

Luxurious & Functional Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to countertop materials, there are many different types of countertops for kitchens for homeowners to choose from. In fact, the possibilities are endless! Countertop materials often consist of both engineered and natural stone, including quartz, quartzite, granite and marble. Different countertop materials offer their own level of durability and style. For those who use their kitchen countertops daily, granite, quartz or quartzite make excellent choices. If your kitchen countertops see less daily use, marble makes a lovely choice. Oceana Designs’ consultants are well-versed when it comes to guiding customers in selecting custom countertops to perfectly match their décor and budget.

If you are looking for exquisite kitchen countertops in New Jersey, then browse our selection of countertop materials, including granite, quartz and marble. Our custom countertops come in a variety of colors, and even have customizable edge profiles. Our countertops for kitchens offer any number of edge profiles, including squared, eased, waterfall, drop, beveled , reverse ogee, full bullnose and many more.

Stunning Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

Be very selective when choosing bathroom vanities with tops, as much of your personal style will be reflected in your décor and choice of bathroom vanity tops. Similar to a kitchen, a bathroom speaks for the sense of a person’s style and practicality. Oceana Designs can appreciate how important it is to make a lasting impression on guests, and this is why we offer custom vanity tops for all styles and budgets. Choose from our selection of granite, quartz and marble bathroom countertops, as well as our full array of colors, styles and textures in bathroom vanity tops.

If you are looking for exquisite bathroom vanity tops in New Jersey, then browse our selection of granite, quartz and marble bathroom countertops. Our custom vanity tops come in a variety of colors, and customizable edge profiles. Some of our bathroom countertops’ customizable edge profiles include a beveled edge, reverse ogee, a full bullnose and many more.

Quality Bathroom & Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash can make all the difference in your kitchen’s décor. A backsplash for a kitchen also allows you to add your own customization and sense of style. For instance, there are several design options used in kitchen backsplash, both standard and full height. Also, a backsplash for a kitchen can be made of many different materials. Oceana Designs allows you to choose from a large selection of granite backsplash, ceramic tile backsplash, mosaic tile backsplash, subway tile kitchen backsplash and even marble backsplash designs.

When it comes to choosing the right backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom, the consultants at Oceana Designs can help you make a well-educated decision on the backsplash that is right for you. We offer ceramic and mosaic-style backsplash tile, marble backsplash as well as granite backsplash designs.

Enhance your home today! To start the process, visit our showroom or contact us for information on our products, services, and installation.