Oceana Designs guarantees countertops against improper fabrication and installation. We offer repairs and replacements without charge on all defects occurring within ten years from installation date.

Warranty does not cover damage caused by chemicals, abuse, natural stone characteristics, act of nature or relocation of surface.

Natural stone’s geological features are part of the stone’s beauty. Some surfaces have natural pitting, fissures or dull spots. Lighting conditions where the surface is installed can make these features either diminish or be enhanced. Pitting is a part of the crystaling structure where small spaces appear between mineral crystals. When the stone is polished, tiny crystals loosen and cause pits. These areas do not worsen over time. Fissures are hairline cracks on the surface caused by temperature changes during the stones formation. They do not permeate the slab and will not expand, or grow over the like of the surface. Granite is composed of a mix of quartz, feldspars and other minerals. When components in the granite do not accept the same polish in the same manner as the rest of the stone, dull spots result.

Oceana Designs seals all natural stone surfaces. Sealer retards the absorption time of various liquids. Resealing should be done annually to protect the natural stone’s beauty.

  • Wipe all spills immediately using warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. Wipe dry. Cleaners formulated for stone should be used.
  • Do not use acidic, abrasive or strong household cleaners; damage will occur on the surface and sealer.